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Rosemary & Co.  (Rosemary Jackson. Keighley, England, United Kingdom)
A manufacturer of handmade artists' brushes, from sable to synthetic, including ones for china painters and a 'pocket' (reversible) range. See their catalogue for a description of brushmaking, plus care tips.   
Added May 2005  - Last review 30 Sep 2016
ROSEMARY OH  (Rosemary Oh. Hong Kong, China)
Includes images, some from students.   
Added Oct 2008
Rosemary's Porcelain Art  (Rosemary Thomas. Milford, Nebraska, United States)
Items range from jewelry to lamps, glass and porcelain; commissions welcome.   
Added Jul 2003  - Last review 4 Oct 2008
Royal Copenhagen  (Fredericksberg, Denmark)
View tableware, figurines and collectibles, with images and videos of their hand painted Flora Danica, Blue Fluted and Blue Flower ware. Blue Fluted has been the most popular service for over 200 years; see it being painted at the shop. The Flora Danica service, first commissioned in 1790, is hand-moulded and painted freehand from copperplate engravings of the Flora Danica encyclopedia. The Welcome Center Museum exhibits historical pieces and a complete collection of Christmas Plates from 1908-2004.
This official site includes information about artists, guided tours, distributors, etc. and is part of the Royal Scandinavia group.   
Added Feb 2002  - Last review 15 Aug 2005
Royal Crown Derby  (Derby, England, United Kingdom)
Dating from about 1750, Derby is noted for richly-coloured and gilded wares, especially bone china. Site features include cobalt blue ware, Imari designs, paperweights and miniatures; along with stockists and guilds, events, factory marks, a bibliography and online forum.
The museum at the Visitor Centre has the world's 'most comprehensive collection of Derby porcelain', some dating from around 1750. There is also a factory shop, demonstrations and tours; don't miss the ceramic window and celebratory fountain.   
Added Mar 2003
ROYAL DELFT. Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles  (Delft, Netherlands)
'Authentic Delft Blue' painted by hand. Shop online or visit for guided tours of showrooms, museum and factory, with painting demonstrations.    In English & Dutch.
Added Feb 2002
Royal Doulton Artists  (John Twigg. Penkhull, England, United Kingdom)
A site about Doulton artists and figurines, with image galleries.
Compiled by John Twigg.   
Added Jun 2011
Royal Winton  (Longton, England, United Kingdom)
'The home of chintz.' Buy online or visit their factory shop.   
Added Apr 2006
ROYAL WORCESTER  (Worcester, England, United Kingdom)
Worcester used to be one of the largest producers of fine bone china and porcelain in England. This manufactory no longer produces any wares, instead catering to visitors with 'hand painting' demonstrations, museum visits and shops.
The website carries online catalogues; details of hand painted 'Worcester fruit'; product care guidelines; and information on stockists, etc. Special commissions accepted.   
Added Jun 2002  - Last review 6 Jan 2008
rrisi  (Risi Produtos Ceramicos. Mogi-Guacu, Brazil)
Includes some porcelain painting supplies.    In Portuguese.
Added May 2015

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