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Phyllis J McElhinney Porcelain Artist  (Springfield, Missouri, United States)
Teacher known for her roses offers seminars and supplies, including porcelain night lights. She is also a co-founder and -director of the annual Midwest Porcelain Art School.   
Added Nov 2008  - Last review 28 May 2017
Pickard  (Antioch, Illinois, United States)
The original Pickard China Studio employed many artists from the Art Institute of Chicago, and specialised in hand painting imported art pieces, dessert- and tea-sets. Today Pickard is noted for its brilliantly glazed wares, and produces its own fine dinnerware, accessories, corporate gifts, collectibles and plain banded wares. Browse their site for images of patterns and shapes, details of customising, and lists of retailers. Arrange a visit to the New York showroom, or visit the factory store for seconds, closeout products and blanks - or to see the Pickard Antique Museum. As well as antique pieces, the museum displays custom china services such as those made for the U.S.Air Force, Blair House and various U.S. embassies.   
Added Apr 2006
Pintura em Porcelana  (Gilda Pili. Florianopolis, Brazil)
Artist's CV, portfolio and brief painting tips.    In Portuguese.
Added Feb 2003  - Last review 13 Sep 2005
PINTURA EM PORCELANAS  (Dayse Camello Xavier. Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Blog; mainly images.    In Portuguese.
Added Aug 2012
Pintura en Porcelana Teresa Daratsakis Porcelart (arte en porcelana)  (Madrid, Spain)
Browse the image galleries and detailed CV.    In Spanish.
Added Jan 2011
Pintura Sobre Porcelana  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
An online porcelain painters' group established by Le Vaisselier.    In Spanish.
Added Dec 2012
Brief club details with images of members' work, exhibitions, etc.    In French.
Added Nov 2017
PLAISANCE ATELIER  (Laure Desgranges. Paris, France)
Blog with images and class details.    In French.
Added Sep 2008
Plume bleue  (Beatrice Moreau. Olivet, France)
Browse a variety of porcelain shapes and designs.    In English & French.
Added May 2015  - Last review 28 Apr 2016
PM&M Porcelain Marks & More  (Christopher S. Marshall. Dortmund, Germany)
Historic information and marks on German porcelain.   
Added Nov 2005

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