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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Orly's studio  (Orly Levi. Rishon LeZiyyon, Israel)
This artist's work draws on various styles, from ethnic to modern. View the range of painted wares, including a students' gallery, or inquire about commissions.    In Hebrew.
Added Sep 2017
Orton Ceramic Foundation  (Westerville, Ohio, United States)
About the Foundation, its activities and products (kiln monitoring products, venting systems, etc.) The Center for Firing provides assistance and a wide range of information, much of it online; see their firing tips and pyrometric cone temperature charts. Online store for U.S. customers.    In English & Spanish.
Added May 2002  - Last review 20 Jun 2004
Our Cottage Garden  (United States)
Includes "vintage finds" and paintings, plus porcelain by North Carolina artist Sara Miesner.   
Added Jul 2006  - Last review 19 Apr 2008  (Johanna DeMaine. Landsborough, Queensland, Australia)
Blog from a potter specialising in porcelain and overglaze decoration (lustres, raised enamels, etc.)
Johanna is based at the DeMaine Pottery Studio Gallery.   
Added Jul 2009
Oy Anders Meder Ab  (Helsinki, Finland)
Browse their listed porcelain painting workshops and supplies, featuring a comprehensive range of whiteware. Their five stores include ones in Helsinki and Tampere, the latter called Porcellana.    In Finnish.
Added Jun 2010
Pablo Acosta's Gallery  (Pablo Acosta Gempeler. San Francisco de Sales, Colombia)
Images from an artist who also teaches in Bogotá.   
Added Feb 2012  - Last review 6 Jun 2015
PADMINI'S PORCELAIN PAINTINGS  (Padmini Prasad. Meyrin, Switzerland)
Blog with images by Padmini and students.   
Added May 2010  - Last review 9 Jun 2012
PAGN: Porcelain Artists of Great Northwest (North America)  
Information about PAGN and its bi-annual painting school, held at Whitworth University, Spokane.   
Added Oct 2016
PAINTED PANACHE  (Joann Y. Wheeler. Pasadena, Maryland, United States)
Items for sale (including porcelain painting) plus a blog.   
Added Aug 2009
Painted Porcelain by Lynn Patton  (Raleigh, North Carolina, United States)
Browse galleries of painted wares, or enquire about classes.   
Added Feb 2008

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