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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Porcelain by Julia Dogoliatskaya  (Bonn, Germany)
This Russian artist lives and teaches in Germany, while continuing an association with the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in St. Petersburg. She models original wares in her workshop, has won major prizes, and is represented in museums and private collections. This site showcases a large selection of her various works.    In English, German & Russian.
Added Sep 2012
Porcelain Creations  (Cynthia Pinnell. Plainview, Texas, United States)
Mainly images and slideshow.   
Added Apr 2006  - Last review 4 Dec 2011
Porcelain Fantasies Original Artwork by Marsha Hedrick  (Tonopah, Arizona, United States)
Read about miniature moulds; look for miniature blanks; or browse handmade porcelain miniatures such as fairies, dolls, Capodimonte-style flower arrangements, and dollhouse accessories in historical patterns.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 25 Feb 2008
Porcelain Painters International Online (PPIO)  
Features include painting information and online lessons, a teachers' database, antiquities gallery, image library, critiques, etc. There is also a free painters' forum, e-mailed to members. Some portions of the site require membership.
The PPIO also hosts sites for other painters and suppliers, and has a forum site for 'PPIO folks' to share painting information, lessons and images, including those for topics raised in the mailing list.   
Added Nov 2000  - Last review 25 Nov 2009
Porcelain Paintings  (Laurie Farthing. Safety Harbor, Florida, United States)
Images include the artist's work, seminars, etc., plus 'penwork butterfly' designs now available as decals.   
Added Mar 2011  - Last review 8 Sep 2011
Porcelain Paintings by Mary Belle Cordell  (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States)
Read about the artist; browse galleries with portraits, florals and still lifes; or ask about classes, including those at the Boca Raton Museum of Art's School.   
Added Mar 2010  - Last review 8 Oct 2016
Porcelain Passions  (Auret de Gasperi. St. Simons Island, Georgia, United States)
View varied works, including jewelry, from a South African-born artist interested in modern design and techniques (fiberglass, dichroic glass, etc.) Orders accepted.   
Added Jun 2014  - Last review 13 Jan 2017
Porcelain Treasures  (Betty Platner. Van Nuys, California, United States)
A wholesaler of 'hand decorated fine porcelain' with floral designs by Betty Platner. View their online range or check for retail outlets.   
Added Mar 2008  - Last review 19 Jan 2016
Porcelain Unlimited  (Doris Ackilli. South Salem, New York, United States)
View seminar details plus the artist's porcelain, glass, and tile murals; portrait commissions accepted. Supplies include Willoughby products, studies, etc.   
Added Aug 2009  - Last review 24 Oct 2014
PORCELAINE - ART  (Barbara Carrupt. Monthey, Switzerland)
Enjoy the image galleries, or view the artist's profile and class details (supplies available).    In French.
Added Mar 2017

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