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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
KilnWest  (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
Manufacturer of standard and custom-made kilns, hotplates, etc.; equipment, servicing and refurbishment also available.   
Added Nov 2008
Kinver Ceramics  (Hallow, England, United Kingdom)
Kinver's artists, who have all served at Royal Worcester, produce bone china and ceramic wares ranging from plaques to pieces with piercing, open-work, animal and fruit themes, etc. Their small range of bone china blanks is made to order; catalogue available. They are also on Facebook.   
Added Apr 2010  - Last review 27 Apr 2015
Kiraly  (Katharina Kiraly Jumpertz. Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Traditional and modern designs by a factory-trained artist and teacher.    In German.
Added Jul 2014
Knobl ART - Shop für Porzellanschmuck & Porzellanmalerei  (Andreas Knobl. Lenggries, Germany)
An online shop for porcelain jewelry, painted by Meissen-trained artists; plus china painting equipment and supplies such as whiteware, books and brushes. Seminars also available; commissions accepted.    In English & German.
Added Mar 2017
Knobl Art: Porzellan Schmuck  (Andreas Knobl. Lenggries, Germany)
Unique 'porcelain art for jewelry', ranging from pendants and earrings to buckles and buttons. Choose from samples on display, or order bespoke designs and shapes.
The online galleries also include some larger works.    In English & German.
Added Mar 2017
Knoxville Porcelain Artists  (Knoxville, Tennessee, United States)
About the club and its activities, with some images of members' work.   
Added Apr 2016
KPM  (Berlin, Germany)
Dating from 1750, and later renamed by Frederick the Great, the Koenigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur is known for its 'opulent painting'. Read about their history, marks, and designers; see pieces 'fashioned and painted by hand'; or check for news and events (guided tours, painting courses, etc.) KPM also offers a repair service; online shop; list of dealers; and brochures on request.    In English, German & Japanese.
Added Apr 2004  - Last review 15 Jan 2005
KRAM/WEISSHAAR  (Reed Kram & Clemens Weisshaar. Europe)
These designers work with 'spaces, products and media'. Under Projects, My Private Sky read how they developed software for the Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory. This produces night sky maps charting the date and place of any special event, maps that Nymphenburg uses to produce hand-painted, 7-piece dinner plate sets.
Under Exhibitions, also read about their part in the exhibition of Nymphenburg's Commedia Dell'arte - Couture Edition 2008.
Offices in Munich and Sweden.   
Added Apr 2012
Kunst & Eros  (Janett Noack. Dresden, Germany)
Gallery and Atelier for erotic and contemporary art, by various artists including porcelain painters. View erotic designs by Noack, a classically-trained artist, plus catalogues of her painted jewellery, boxes, candlesticks, etc.    In English & German.
Added Feb 2012
Kunst op porselein  (Ilona Strik-Heimann. Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Atelier Larochette paints portraits and themes from nature.    In Dutch.
Added Jan 2006  - Last review 28 Sep 2011

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