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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Herend  (Herend, Hungary)
Portal site for the Manufactory; Porcelanium (visitor centre); Museum and Herend herald (magazine).
See porcelain being made in the Visitors' Centre 'mini-factory', then buy at their shop. Guided tours include a multi-language film (also available online), with open-air entertainment in the Porcelanium square.
The Manufactory lists information and activities, plus shops and retailers worldwide. Products pages display handmade porcelain, patterns and brief artists' details. It also issues the quarterly Herend herald, a magazine about the company, its activities and products. It is available online or by subscription, with back issues online.
The Muzeum Herend, in the original Herend factory, has over 10,000 items plus many archival records. Read about the displays, or take a virtual tour (includes some images); guided tours are by arrangement.    In English, German & Hungarian.
Added Feb 2001  - Last review 9 Oct 2005
hering berlin  (Stefanie Hering-Berlin GmbH. Berlin, Germany)
This company's well-designed wares range from porcelain tableware to glasses and lights. The hand-made porcelain is often dishwasher-safe, polished bisque, with simple yet elegant decoration. Retailers are listed, and factory seconds sell via Reichenbach's factory outlet.    In English & German.
Added Jul 2015  - Last review 2 Aug 2018
Herzlich willkommen in der Veste Oberhaus  (OberhausMuseum. Passau, Germany)
The Veste Oberhaus is an ancient fortress, dating from 1219. It now houses attractions such as museums, an art gallery, historical collections, and a permanent exhibition of Passau porcelain.
Passau's porcelain factory operated from 1833-1936 and at its peak employed about 500 people, making everything from figurines and tableware to refractory cement. The collection holds mainly 19th Century filigree art pieces, with several shown online.    In German.
Added Aug 2013
Het Porseleinen Boek  (Dieneke Boektje. Veendam, Netherlands)
Painted works range from animal portraits and signs, to dollhouse miniatures; commissions accepted. Inquire about lessons and guest teachers, or order books and supplies, including whiteware.    In Dutch.
Added Sep 2018
HILLWOOD ESTATE, MUSEUM & GARDENS  (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
'The most comprehensive collection of 18th- and 19th-century Russian imperial art outside of Russia.' See highlights of the porcelain collection online (especially Sèvres and Russian Imperial ware); Museum visitors must book in advance.   
Added Jun 2002  - Last review 23 Sep 2009
Historisches Museum Frankfurt  (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Kronberger House, part of the Museum, has the world's largest assembly of Hoescht porcelain. Check exhibition listings for brief details of early Hoescht pieces; the famous Bechtold collection; and the former Hoescht AG collection.    In English & German.
Added Apr 2004  - Last review 14 Feb 2018
HOBBY KUNST  (Hobbykunst Norge. Loerenskog, Norway)
A large retailer and wholesaler of art and hobby supplies including whiteware, brushes and books, accessories and kilns.
"Bak HOBBYKUNST Norge staar firma Max Kopp Design AS."    In Norwegian.
Added Apr 2016
Hobbyceram  (Milan, Italy)
Hobbyceram International School of Decorative Arts is a large school with branches in Italy and overseas. They also make kilns and sell supplies including books and Sonie Ames studies; brushes; whiteware; and paints (with lead-free Schjerning, overglaze watercolours and pencils).    In English & Italian.
Added Jan 2002
Hoechster Porzellan-Manufaktur  (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
This 'second oldest' porcelain manufacturer in Germany re-opened in 1971. Many items are made by hand; all are hand painted. Products include giftware, figurines, reproductions and tableware; read how high firing makes wares 'dishwasher safe.' Join the collectors' club, or visit in person factory sales; exhibitions; and guided tours. Don't miss the outstanding Hoechster collection at the nearby museum.    In English & German.
Added Apr 2004
Hofburg  (Vienna, Austria)
The Hofburg, winter residence of the Habsburgs, today holds three museums: the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Collection. The latter is the world's largest exhibition of imperial household items, ranging from table silver, centrepieces and fine porcelain to linen and cooking utensils. View the tour information under 'Things to know' for a brief description of some of its porcelain treasures by Meissen, Minton, Sèvres, etc.
The Spanish Riding School, famous for its Lipizzaner stallions, is also within the Hofburg complex.    In various languages.
Added Aug 2009

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