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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Hadas Raz  (Kiryat Tiv`on, Israel)
View the artist's painted wares, or inquire about lessons and supplies.    In Hebrew.
Added Sep 2017
Hale Mary's Art Studios  (San Diego, California, United States)
View or purchase the artist's porcelain or canvas works, or ask about classes.   
Added Nov 2017
HAND PAINTED CHINA BY CAROLINE BOA  (Caroline Boa. Yelverton, England, United Kingdom)
Specialises in pet portraits on English bone china or tiles.   
Added Apr 2001  - Last review 7 Sep 2009
Hand painted porcelain in Canada  (Paula Gornescu-Vachon. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Read about the history of porcelain painting in Canada, illustrated with pieces from the author's collection.
Paula and her husband Auguste also collected ceramics featuring Canadian heraldry, a collection now in the Canadian Museum of History.   
Added Feb 2017
Handpainted by Roni van Minden  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Specialising in dog portraits and commemorative pieces; lessons given.   
Added Feb 2005  - Last review 20 Dec 2006
Handpainted Victorian Glass Lamps and Porcelain by Marta Bacon  (Fullerton, California, United States)
Read about the artist, inquire about classes, or purchase online; Victorian-style lamps a specialty.   
Added Apr 2010
Handwerker Porcelain  (Alicia Handwerker. Oxnard, California, United States)
Runs Helen Humes Studio and distributes her products (books, videos, studies and stationery); also sells brushes and Willoughby paints.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 27 Sep 2007
Harajuku Togasha is a shop and large ceramics studio. It offers painting classes in a variety of styles including American, classical European and traditional Japanese. The shop has a wide range of dishes and decorative china, mostly whiteware, plus supplies and books for porcelain painters.    In Japanese.
Added May 2012
Harmonies  (Limonest, France)
Online store specialising in whiteware (blanks).    In French.
Added May 2008
HAVILAND  (Limoges, France)
Haviland, established in 1842, produces fine tableware, figurines and decorative pieces, with all "finishing and decorative work" completed by hand. This may involve acid etching, the use of chromolithography or decals, and hand gilding. They also personalize wares on request, offer a replacement service, and have a club for registered customers. Browse this large site for a company history and brief description of the manufacturing process, or to view listed products, events and retailers.    In English & French.
Added May 2006

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