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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Gold Leaf  (The Gold leaf Factory International. Seaford, Victoria, Australia)
Gilding supplies, including gold and silver in leaf, shell or powdered form; plus mica powders, agate burnishers, etc.   
Added May 2007  - Last review 2 Apr 2012
Gold Seal Products  (Cindy Webb. Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States)
Offering white or painted bisque, especially small shapes, buttons and stamps.   
Added Oct 2007  - Last review 8 Jun 2009
Goodwood  (Goodwood, England, United Kingdom)
Family home to the Earl of March, Goowdood houses a significant private art collection including Sèvres porcelain. Read about "house treasures" such as an early Sèvres dinner service, on display to visitors and featuring exotic birds copied from prints in the library.   
Added Mar 2008
Graca Pinturas  (Maria das Gracas Ferreira Braga de Souza. Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Lessons and hand painted designs, from murals to commercial logos.    In Portuguese.
Added Apr 2008
Grainger Museum  (Grainger Museum. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Museum display panels, or Legends, include tile designs by artist and poet Ella Grainger, wife of Australian composer/pianist Percy Grainger. Many feature poems or 'rimes' developed in her later work.
The Grainger Museum is part of the University of Melbourne Library.   
Added Apr 2011  - Last review 8 Apr 2011
Grazia Campione  (Grazia Campione Morana. Modica, Italy)
Work includes porcelain painting (mainly portraits).    In Italian.
Added Nov 2009
Gulcin Studio  (Gulcin Kaya. Ankara, Turkey)
European and American styles.    In English & Turkish.
Added Mar 2010
Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum  (Gustavsberg, Sweden)
This Museum has a permanent, representative display of wares from the Gustavsberg porcelain factory, dating from the 1830s-1994. Items range from studio-made objets d'art and decorative urns to dinner services and fittings. The Museum also holds activities for visitors.
The main Gustavsbergs Collection, of almost 35,000 pieces, is now held in the Nationalmuseum and appears in the latter's image database. The Nationalmuseum is also taking over administration of the Porslinsmuseum in 2017.    In English & Swedish.
Added May 2017
Guy Chennebault  (Bois-Colombes, France)
Galleries show a range of wares in various styles; commissions accepted.    In French.
Added Oct 2009  - Last review 8 Jun 2011
Gwen porcelaine  (Gwenola Corbel. Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, France)
View galleries of the artist's work, from tablewares to house name plates. Studio visits by appointment.    In French.
Added Sep 2017

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