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Suppliers in North America

The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Dee's Place  (Doris Coghill. Jordan, Minnesota, United States)
Bead supplier with a small range of hand-poured porcelain cameos.   
Added Mar 2001  - Last review 25 Feb 2008
Ellen's Exquisite Estate  (Ellen Oldani. Macomb, Michigan, United States)
Wide range of items for sale includes some china painting supplies, publications and hand-painted porcelain.   
Added Apr 2008
Etchall  (B & B Etching Products. Peoria, Arizona, United States)
Etchall, Gold-off and products such as resists, with some instructions for their use.   
Added Aug 2002
FIRED-ON IMAGES  (Terrie Banhazl. Wayland, Massachusetts, United States)
Create decals with a laser printer and Fired-On transfer paper; view examples, online instructions and listed distributors.   
Added Mar 2012  - Last review 28 Apr 2016
Freddi's China Closet  (Freddi Kay. Culver City, California, United States)
Supplier with a large range of whiteware (blanks) and paints, plus selected items such as brushes and clock movements.   
Added Oct 2008  - Last review 29 Sep 2016
GARY OLSEN DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN  (Dubuque, Iowa, United States)
Read about and view Olsen's film of porcelain painter Helen Burkart, "the Rose Lady of Dubuque".
The Helen Burkart Studio, run by Ben and Patty King, sells whiteware and supplies; Patty also teaches.   
Added Oct 2008  - Last review 29 Oct 2008
Gloria Ann McCarthy  (Gloria Ann McCarthy. Daly City, California, United States)
Translucent porcelain, bisque or glazed, plus supplies such as matt paints, crystals and Willoughby's enamels; some images.   
Added Oct 2005  - Last review 20 Dec 2014
Gold Seal Products  (Cindy Webb. Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States)
Offering white or painted bisque, especially small shapes, buttons and stamps.   
Added Oct 2007  - Last review 8 Jun 2009
Handwerker Porcelain  (Alicia Handwerker. Oxnard, California, United States)
Runs Helen Humes Studio and distributes her products (books, videos, studies and stationery); also sells brushes and Willoughby paints.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 27 Sep 2007
Helen Humes Studio of Porcelain Art  (California, United States)
Brushes plus books, videos and numerous studies by Helen; with images. Now owned by Handwerker Porcelain.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 20 May 2007

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