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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
elma sanat atelyesi  (Gul Arik & Ugur Olgac. Istanbul, Turkey)
View galleries and prize-winning designs, or inquire about painted wares, classes and seminars.    In English & Turkish.
Added Dec 2002  - Last review 11 Jul 2008
Elvira Aguiar  (Santos, Brazil)
View some of the artist's prize-winning works; check her list of seminars; or read online instructions for painting portraits.    In French & Portuguese.
Added Oct 2004  - Last review 18 Jul 2016
Encyclopedia Smithsonian  (Smithsonian Institution. Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Follow porcelain or ceramics to 'selected links', including reading lists for china painting, porcelain marks, etc.   
Added Jun 2008
English Tea can Painting  (PhotoshopCAFE. Irvine, California, United States)
Use your computer to "turn a photo into a painting." Tutorial by Colin Smith, using Adobe Photoshop.   
Added Sep 2005  - Last review 9 May 2008  (Elsbeth Ronner. Zug, Switzerland)
Brief CV and galleries from a painter whose work includes porcelain painting.    In German.
Added Mar 2018
ERCUIS & RAYNAUD  (Paris, France)
This table arts group includes Raynaud porcelain, still manufactured at Isle near Limoges. Wares often feature relief work, hand gilding and brightly coloured chromos (chromolithographic prints). Special pieces may exhibit "incrustation" or inlaying, a process that starts with acid etching and ends with agate polishing and burnishing.
View their product range, including whiteware, or inquire about custom designs.    In English & French.
Added Jan 2006
Esa Uusi-Kesseli  (Turku, Finland)
Oils and china painting, plus classes; commissions accepted.    In English & Finnish.
Added Mar 2006  - Last review 11 Mar 2008
Esin Alptuna, Porcelain Artist  (Ankara, Turkey)
Browse the artist's CV, class and seminar information, and wares painted in a range of styles.    In Turkish.   
Added Oct 2011
ESSEX KILNS  (Tollesbury, England, United Kingdom)
Includes china painting kilns; servicing and secondhand kilns also available.   
Added Oct 2002  - Last review 13 Mar 2008
Esther Batista  (Atelier Esther Batista da Silva. Joinville, Brazil)
Author and teacher selling supplies such as porcelain and glass paints, brushes, books, studies and videos. The site also includes an artist's gallery.    In Portuguese.
Added Dec 2001  - Last review 30 Sep 2016

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