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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Diddy Yeung Gallery  (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Blog with "porcelain art and water colour painting".   
Added May 2014
Die Schoene Welt der Keramik  (Keramikmuseum Mettlach. Mettlach, Germany)
Read an introduction to the history of Villeroy & Boch, or visit the Museum in person for displays from their collections. The Museum is housed in the old Abbey headquarters of Villeroy & Boch, as part of their Discovery Centre.    In German.
Added Mar 2006  - Last review 14 May 2006
Die Thüringer Porzellanstraße  (Saalfeld, Germany)
Porcelain manufacturing began in Thüringia in 1760; today manufactories and museums stretch some 340 km along routes called the Porcelain Road. They are listed here, along with events and regional information.    In German.
Added Sep 2002  - Last review 24 Sep 2005
Die Webseite der Porzellanmalerin Margrith Gschwend in Meggen  (Meggen, Switzerland)
Selected works with 'galactic' themes.    In German.
Added Apr 2008  - Last review 18 Jun 2013
Dimensione Arte  (Rho, Italy)
Shop with supplies (including whiteware), seminars and courses.    In Italian.
Added Feb 2002
Dîner D'artistes  (Francine Cohen. Paris, France)
Artist and teacher selling supplies, including paints and decals, brushes, accessories and whiteware.    In French.
Added May 2015
Dixon Gallery and Gardens  (Memphis, Tennessee, United States)
This former Neo-Georgian residence houses a world-class collection of decorative art, and especially porcelain. It includes nearly 600 pieces from 18th century German manufactories, plus 18th and 19th century pieces from France and England; some of the latter are rare or unique. Arrange a visit to see the collection.   
Added Oct 2016
Djurslands Porcelaen  (Nimtofte, Denmark)
Supplies include brushes and paints, plus a large range of whiteware; online catalog.    In Danish.
Added Aug 2009
dohrmanp's  (Patricia Dohrman. York, Pennsylvania, United States)
Images, mainly of porcelain painting.   
Added Nov 2007  - Last review 17 Apr 2011
DollWorld  (Milperra, New South Wales, Australia)
Includes some china paints, brushes, etc. and Evenheat kilns. Retail and wholesale.   
Added May 2004

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