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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Collectophile  (William & Dorothy Hall. Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
Information about their publications, plus a list of Australian china painters (mostly from the early 20th century).   
Added Mar 2010
Collezione permanente delle Arti del Fuoco  (Nova Milanese, Italy)
The Associazione Culturale Impronte manages this Museum collection housed in the Villa Vertua-Masolo, plus an acquisitive competition sponsored by Hobbyceram Milano.
Check for activities and tours, or visit in person to see the pottery, porcelain painting, glass and enamel.    In English & Italian.
Added Aug 2016
Color.Matters  (J.L. Morton. Honolulu, Hawaii, United States)
'Physiological and psychological effects' of colour, including pages about design, basic colour theory, and places offering 'courses in color' (mainly in the U.S.)   
Added Oct 2004
Colorado Porcelain Artists  (Colorado, United States)
Club information, teacher listings, etc.   
Added Sep 2010
Colorific Porcelain  (Ralph & Jeanette Gullikson. Lynnwood, Washington, United States)
Ceramic supplies such as colored porcelain slips, molds, Victory Spanish Colors, and Willoughby's china paints and products (now owned by Colorific). Seminars may include lace draping, flower molding, etc. Colorific also owns Decorative Porcelain Bisque.   
Added May 2008  - Last review 10 Jun 2016
Colours On Fire  (Sangeeta Chowham. Mumbai, India)
Sangi's studio teaches mainly porcelain painting.   
Added Oct 2016
columbine galleries  (United States)
Work displayed includes "luster & gold" pieces by Denver artist Carolyn Barlock.   
Added Oct 2006  - Last review 12 Oct 2009
Comptoirs de la Porcelaine  (Perols, France)
Selected stock images from a whiteware supplier.    In French.
Added Sep 2011
CONSERVATION Register  (London, England, United Kingdom)
Provided by the Institute of Conservation; tips include brief information on caring for ceramic and glass.   
Added Jan 2008
conservatorio grassi  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
The Conservatory's arts courses include porcelain painting, available online to remote students; see the galleries of students' work.    In various languages.
Added Jun 2012

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