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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Ceramics Today  
A comprehensive, independent ceramics site with links, articles and featured artists. Entries include some china painters, and potters who use onglazes (Kevin White, Rimas VisGirda, Kurt Weiser, etc.)   
Added Sep 2005  - Last review 29 May 2011
A PhD thesis for the University of Adelaide, 2008; available via The University of Adelaide Digital Library.   
Added Apr 2012
Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum  (Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom)
Information about the collections briefly mentions Chinese ceramics; local souvenir china; and pieces from Worcester, Coalport, Wedgwood, etc.   
Added Oct 2002  - Last review 4 May 2008
Cherryl Meggs Studio  (Fredericksburg, Texas, United States)
Artist and teacher specializing in 'old masters' techniques and roses. View her work or inquire about studies and seminars.   
Added Feb 2010
China and Porcelain Painting: The Bronze Leaf Studio  (Mark Jones. Poole, England, United Kingdom)
Blog with images and slideshows, one from the 2009 Centigrade Kiln Fired Art Show. Painting lessons available.   
Added Feb 2011  - Last review 26 Feb 2016
CHINA BY ALZORA  (Alzora Zaremba. White Salmon, Washington, United States)
Alzora's paintings, studies, DVDs and videos 'for roses and for grapes'.   
Added May 2012
China Painters RESALE  (Charolette McKinney & Larry Terrill. Saint Louis, Missouri, United States)
CPR sells painters' excess china, supplies and estate items on consignment.   
Added Aug 2016
China painting and oil paintings  (Terry Sita. Folsom, Louisiana, United States)
Blog with some of the artist's earlier china painting and portraits.   
Added Jul 2013
China Painting Artists of Maryland  (Maryland, United States)
Information about the Club, its officers and activities, with a list of teachers.   
Added Feb 2010
China Painting by Suad Al-Gharabally  (Safat, Kuwait)
Enjoy the image gallery with artist's profile and brief class details.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 13 Jun 2008

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