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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Woodrow Kilns  (Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia)
Makers of a large range of 'ceramic and glass kilns' with digital controllers.   
Added Jan 2004
WORCESTER PORCELAIN Museum  (Worcester, England, United Kingdom)
The Museum offers exhibitions, lectures, shops, and tours of the 'world's largest collection of Worcester porcelain.' It also holds porcelain, bone china, parian and earthenware made by Dr. Wall, Chamberlain, Flight & Barr, Grainger, Kerr & Binns, J. Hadley & Sons, and Locke & Co., some dating from 1751. Images from the archives and collections illustrate the history of the company and its artists.
The Museum also hosts webpages for the Friends of the Museum of Worcester Porcelain.   
Added Jun 2004  - Last review 6 Jan 2008  (Beatrix Winter. Wurmsham, Germany)
Gallery takes custom orders.    In German.
Added Jul 2009
WWW.LOTTIHAERDI.CH  (Lotti Haerdi. Langenthal, Switzerland)
View selected works and class details, or arrange a studio visit. Commissions accepted.    In German.
Added Mar 2006  (Silvia Negri. Oggiono, Italy)
Specialises in Indian art. Site includes a selected gallery and brief information about artist and teacher Luigia Brignani Griffini.    In English & Italian.
Added Oct 2002  - Last review 24 May 2008
yeda strasser  (Suffolk, Virginia, United States)
Image galleries, arranged by style and content.   
Added Jun 2013
YONIS  (Yonis Malacrida. Bellevue, Switzerland)
Blog about the artist's activities, classes and seminars, plus silk and porcelain wares (at Atelier des Tuileries). Further images, e.g. of her 'porcelain clothes', are found here.    In French.
Added Dec 2012
Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries  (Tehran, Iran)
This large company makes hotel and domestic porcelain, both dishwasher and microwave safe, and often decorated with traditional designs. View their products and especially the Shahrzad collection, described as the whitest, hardest and most translucent porcelain ever made.
Their Factory is located at Esfahan.    In English & Persian.
Added Sep 2017
ZEPTER HOME ART  (Zepter International)
Zepter's Home Art Masterpiece Collection includes a range of hard-paste porcelain dinnerware made in their Bavarian factory, decorated with in- and on-glaze techniques.
International headquarters are in Wollerau, Switzerland.    In various languages.
Added Jun 2014  - Last review 9 Oct 2016
ZSOLNAY  (Pecs, Hungary)
Read about the original Manufactory, established in 1853, plus today's artists. Products include dinner- and decorative ware, eosin and pyrogranite products, and hand painted items with unleaded glazes.
Visitors to the Zsolnay Museum can see an historical display of the factory's wares. Many well-known Hungarian buildings also feature Zsolnay faience decorations and roof tiles. = new owner of Z.    In Hungarian.
Added Aug 2001  - Last review 1 Dec 2014

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