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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
V&A  (Victoria and Albert Museum. London, England, United Kingdom)
The world's largest decorative arts museum, with extensive galleries of ceramics and glass. Read about the 'original ceramic galleries', with brief mention of treasures such as the Ceramic Staircase and Minton columns. The British Porcelain rooms have 'the best collection of 18th century English porcelain in the world...', plus later pieces. European, Asian and Islamic art sections also include ceramics and glass.
The V&A also features guided tours, lectures, archives, etc. plus an image agency and shop.   
Added Nov 2001  - Last review 11 Apr 2005
Vaelkommen till familjen Kekonis hemsida  (Vaasa, Finland)
Includes china painting by Therese Kekoni.    In English & Swedish.
Added Oct 2011
Valeska's Studio  (Anne-Sophie Muller Ribeyre. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Read about the artist, known as Valeska, and view works in a variety of styles and techniques.    In English & French.
Added Mar 2016
Valley Porcelain Artists  (San Fernando Valley, California, United States)
Site about the club and its activities, with selected work by members and demonstrators.
Meetings held in Burbank.   
Added May 2014
van Hasselt's Watercolor World  (Tony van Hasselt. East Boothbay, Maine, United States)
Online watercolour instruction, with brief general tips on design, colour, shadows, etc.   
Added Oct 2004  - Last review 13 Mar 2008
Vanvipha Studio  (Vanvipha Attavipach. Bangkok, Thailand)
Site displays the artist's works, in both American and European styles, and details workshops with guest artists.   
Added Feb 2011
VAWOCP  (Virginia Association of the World Organization of China Painters. Virginia, United States)
Site features members' pages; club information and details of seminars and Conventions (held in Doswell); plus brief details about the Old Dominion China Painters club (the ODCP meets in Richmond).   
Added Jun 2014
Verbano  (Capitan Bermudez, Argentina)
Quality dinner and hotelware carry the brand of the former Porcelanas Verbano company. Their porcelain is dishwasher safe and includes some whiteware.    In English, Portuguese & Spanish.
Added Dec 2004
Very Fine Art Porcelain Painting  (Denice van Waardenburg. Melbourne, Florida, United States)
Selected works on nature and African themes.   
Added Feb 2012  - Last review 7 Jun 2013
Vicky J. York  (Austin, Texas, United States)
Teacher selling studies, videos, etc. plus brushes for her 'one-fire hummingbird technique.' Commissions also accepted.   
Added Aug 2003  - Last review 5 Dec 2017

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