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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Toma  (Volkel, Netherlands)
Manufacturer of kilns and related products, servicing "all makes of kiln."    In English, Dutch & German.
Added Dec 2004
Trekell & COMPANY  (Hesperia, California, United States)
Makers of fine art brushes, including red sable and kolinsky.   
Added Jun 2006
Trenton Teapot  (Trenton, Tennessee, United States)
An annual festival and permanent display of 'the world's largest collection of porcelain veilleuse-theieres', or nightlight teapots. Many pieces shown online.   
Added Nov 2002  - Last review 13 Mar 2008
This large manufactory designs and makes translucent porcelain wares (from Limoges clay) mainly for hotels, restaurants, etc. They often exhibit at trade fairs.    In English & French.
Added Jul 2015
Turid  (Turid Wassenius. Trollhattan, Sweden)
Images and class details; video on roses available.    In English & Swedish.
Added Feb 2005  - Last review 11 Mar 2008
Tzila Dar  (Tel Aviv, Israel)
View the artist's work, or inquire about lessons; commissions invited.    In Hebrew.
Added Sep 2017
U.S. FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION  (Silver Spring, Maryland, United States)
Search the site to find articles on lead in ceramics.    In English & Spanish.
Added May 2017
ULSTER MUSEUM  (Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
About the Museum, its activities and resources. Collections include ceramics, particularly Irish, and 'one of the best extant collections of Belleek... from earthenware to the finest parian'. The Museum holds nearly 200 pieces of Belleek, some unique; check for exhibitions before visiting.   
Added Nov 2017
UNIQUE ARTISTRY BY REBECCA  (Rebecca Lamkin. Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)
Porcelain painting and glass art for sale.   
Added Jun 2012
Unique Designs by MATTE  (Angie Matte. Yorba Linda, California, United States)
Browse the displayed wares, or inquire about custom orders, classes and seminars.   
Added Oct 2008  - Last review 2 Mar 2018

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