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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles  (Massachusetts, United States)
A trade publication whose site includes articles on porcelain, such as Meissen animals, hand painted Limoges and European portraits.   
Added May 2005  - Last review 10 May 2017
The MUSEUM OF CERAMICS  (East Liverpool, Ohio, United States)
The Ohio Historical Society operates this historic building exhibiting local wares. Read about the pottery industry and Lotus Ware, 'possibly the finest porcelain' made in the U.S.   
Added Feb 2003  - Last review 20 Mar 2007
The Newark Museum  (Newark, New Jersey, United States)
The Museum's galleries, shops, gardens, etc. include Ballantine House, a restored mansion and centre for its Decorative Arts collection. See the virtual exhibition of white porcelain, part of a well-known ceramics collection that includes American art pottery; or visit in person for library research, guided tours, workshops and special events.   
Added Jun 2004  - Last review 3 Apr 2005
The Painted Name  (Beverly Carp. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, United States)
Offering "personalized" china painted gifts.   
Added Aug 2011
The Porcelain Chronicles  (John Bergman. Hoople, North Dakota, United States)
Artist's blog, with some images.
Blog will include the text of A manual for china painters, by Mrs. Nicola di Rienzi Monachesi (1896).   
Added Apr 2010
The Porcelain Gallery  (Mary Herzig. Satellite Beach, Florida, United States)
Range of painted wares, with some glassware and lamps.   
Added Aug 2002  - Last review 25 Feb 2008
The Porcelain Place  (Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States)
Manufacturers of slips, bisque (white and coloured), Spanish oils, china paints, etc.; distributers listed. The online store also sells books, studies and microkilns. Studio seminars include topics such as lace draping.   
Added Nov 2009
The Potters CONNECTION  (Longton, England, United Kingdom)
Supplying pottery needs (kilns, clays, lustres, etc.) plus their own ceramic colours, including china paints.   
Added May 2007
THE ROYAL DOULTON COLLECTION of Anthony Forster's Watercolour Images  
'All the images represented here as plates are taken from original watercolours commissioned by Royal Doulton ...'   
Added Jun 2011
The Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art  (Alfred, New York, United States)
The Museum houses nearly 8,000 ceramic and glass objects, from ancient pottery shards to contemporary sculpture, installations and advanced ceramics. The permanent collection includes works by international ceramic artists, European dinnerware, and American whiteware. Visitors note: As of Mar. '07 the Museum is still housed in temporary facilities.   
Added Mar 2007

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