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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Shop - Melanie Foster  (Atelier für Malerei. Bad Pyrmont, Germany)
Buy supplies, brushes, books and studies, or ask about seminars.    In English & German.
Added Mar 2017
A photographic community with galleries, forums, etc., including an article on setting up a DIY budget lighting system.   
Added Feb 2007
Significant Tasmanian women  (Women Tasmania. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
Entries include Mildred Lovett (1880-1955), an artist and china painter described in 1913 as being "amongst the three or four great Australian painters on china."   
Added Apr 2010
Sildan Porcellane  (Silvia Filippi & Daniela Caruso. Rome, Italy)
China painting, lessons, firing and supplies (whiteware) at Atelier 'La Porcellana'.    In English & Italian.
Added Sep 2002  - Last review 20 Jun 2006
Silvana Landolfi  (Rome, Italy)
View fine images from an award-winning artist.    In Italian.
Added May 2015
Silvia Rizzi Atelier  (Silvia Rizzi. Gozzano, Italy)
An artist specializing in colourful, modern designs. View her decals and prize-winning work, inquire about classes, or visit her Orta San Giulio shop. She is also on Facebook.    In Italian.
Added Jun 2016
silvia.scholz  (Silvia Scholz. Oberneunforn, Switzerland)
Inquire about classes, or view and purchase selected wares online.    In German.
Added Apr 2006
Simona-Marina Braathen  (Marly-le-Roi, France)
Hand painted porcelain, mainly jewellery; most features Scandinavian techniques.    In English & French.
Added Mar 2011
Singing Finch Studio  (Ellen Wilson-Pruitt. Martinsville, Indiana, United States)
A teacher specialising in portraiture who also took part in painting the wildflower china for the Indiana Governor’s Residence. Check her online gallery and lesson, and the Resolution recognizing her achievements and the art of porcelain painting.   
Added Dec 2011
Skutt Ceramic Products  (Portland, Oregon, United States)
Information about Skutt kilns, including online manuals, technical bulletins and brochures.   
Added Mar 2001  - Last review 27 Aug 2005

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