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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
The Porcelain Place  (Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States)
Manufacturers of slips, bisque (white and coloured), Spanish oils, china paints, etc.; distributers listed. The online store also sells books, studies and microkilns. Studio seminars include topics such as lace draping.   
Added Nov 2009
The World Organization of China Painters  
WOCP publishes The China painter magazine, holds events such as the World Show and the Art Institute, and has a library, shop and museum at Oklahoma City. The Museum has 'one of the finest collections of hand painted porcelain in the United States', with a focus on contemporary artists. Displays include antique and vintage pieces, plus selected members' work, with a small selection shown online. The Museum gift shop also sells hand painted china and supplies.
Useful site information includes studies and lists of teachers, clubs and dealers.   
Added Dec 2012
Tile Art Ltd.  (Paddy Dugan. Sarasota, Florida, United States)
Custom hand-painted tiles and sinks.   
Added Apr 2002  - Last review 8 Jun 2014
Unique Glass Colors  (Casselberry, Florida, United States)
Manufacturers of kiln fired glass colors and specialty products. The colors will also fire onto other surfaces, e.g. porcelain, as will the texture product MUD.   
Added Jun 2016
Vicky J. York  (Austin, Texas, United States)
Teacher selling studies, videos, etc. plus brushes for her 'one-fire hummingbird technique.' Commissions also accepted.   
Added Aug 2003  - Last review 5 Dec 2017
Vida's Collectibles  (Vida Klocke. Underwood, North Dakota, United States)
Read about the artist and her forthcoming events; view seminar pieces; or order painted wares, studies and selected supplies. Commissions accepted.   
Added Feb 2001  - Last review 5 Dec 2017
VIR-MA INDUSTRIES  (Crown Point, Indiana, United States)
Supplying European decals plus some 'china and porcelain products', mainly ornaments.   
Added Apr 2006
Welcome to Adele Powell  (Burlington, North Carolina, United States)
Browse the images, ask about seminars, or buy supplies including Adele's studies and DVDs.   
Added Aug 2016
Welcome to China Doll, Inc.  (Cynthia Guilette. Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States)
Offering doll making classes, supplies and china painting seminars.   
Added Oct 2011  - Last review 23 Oct 2017
Welcome to  (Diane Guinn. Melbourne, Florida, United States)
Slideshow of the artist's painted ornaments, figurines, etc. A linked sister-site sells whiteware and describes a number useful techniques.   
Added Jan 2006  - Last review 24 Jul 2011

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