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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
A Painter's Collection  (Joni Van Dyke. Omaha, Nebraska, United States)
This teacher and supplier offers painted wares, supplies and kilns, estate porcelain and painting seminars with guest artists. Joni also offers Rynne products, after buying the Rynne China business in 2015.
Shop open by appointment.   
Added May 2014  - Last review 22 Feb 2016
A Unicorn's tale  (Christine McHenry. Brick, New Jersey, United States)
This ceramic studio supplies items such as porcelain slips, molds and china paints (especially for dolls).   
Added Feb 2013
Alice's China Studio  (Alice Wofford. Sherwood, Arkansas, United States)
"Artist and teacher of porcelain and glass" offering studies and selected supplies.   
Added Feb 2010
Ann Cline Studio  (Highland, California, United States)
Mail order supplies range from books and studies to brushes and paints; Cress kilns also sold. Resources include product instructions; 'painted examples'; and images of antique porcelain, etc.
This site has been continued by Carl Cline, following Ann's death in 2103.   
Added Nov 2000  - Last review 5 Dec 2017
Ann Zitterkopf Studio  (Cypress, Texas, United States)
Artist offering supplies and studies, schools and projects.   
Added Feb 2009
Art in Porcelain  (Todd Peters. Kokomo, Indiana, United States)
This artist does china painting and lace draping, makes porcelain flowers, and sells his slipcast bisque figurines.   
Added Mar 2016
Art of Porcelain & oil Painting  (Yolanda Eljaiek. Bogotá, Colombia)
This artists works with a range of media - oils and acrylics, pastels, and porcelain painting. Check the image galleries, CV, classes and selected supplies. She also teaches in New York.   
Added Jul 2005  - Last review 7 Feb 2017
Art on Porcelain: Porcelain Art Market  
An interactive e-commerce community for artists, teachers and suppliers, founded by American artist Patricia Ritter Zellmer. Browse independent studios for supplies or creations produced on, or with, porcelain; or look for teachers and event listings.   
Added Dec 2011  - Last review 2 May 2017
ArtFilipe Porcelain Paint Supplies  (Jill Smith. Santa Barbara, California, United States)
Distributing Filipe Pereira's products and supplies, including studies, DVDs and books, to the US and Canada.   
Added Mar 2016  - Last review 23 Sep 2018
Artwork by Marci Blattenberger  (Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States)
View selected china painting and other works; check for seminars; or order specialty products such as Crystal Magic, laser cut resists, dichroic glass, etc.   
Added Feb 2005

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